Hello, ActivityPub World!

People are busy migrating from Twitter to Mastodon. I have had an account on mastodon.social for a while, but I don’t use it much.

But you know what I use ? This blog! And the nice thing about the fediverse is you can connect many things to it, including WordPress instances 🙂

You can see my ActivityPub feed here and subscribe to it in any software that supports it, in theory. In mastodon, you can also look it up as @[email protected].

So, how do you do connect a WordPress blog to mastodon, friendica & co? Use the sweet plugin to support ActivityPub by Matthias Pfefferle and that might be enough.

Sadly, for me it wasn’t. It seems to work the plugin publishes your ActivityPub stream through a URL which goes under the author profile, so to make it work, you need to have author profile pages enabled (stuff like this).

And I did not! As it appears some plugins such as Yoast will disable it for you.

To enable author profiles blocked by Yoast go to “Yoast SEO” -> “Search Appearance” -> “Archives“, and ensure Author archives are enabled.

Enable author archives to get ActivityPub to work with WordPress and Yoast

You can tweak the plugin to check what you post, but it’s pretty straightforward, and it will produce items like this .

Notice the plugin (ATM) allows you to post and be followed, but it does not allow you to follow and read other users (yet?).

Other than that, it works like a charm, and the author has a few other fediverse-related plugins, such as the one for WebFinger, go check them out.

The only thing missing now is an ActivityPub social link icon, but hey, let’s give it some time.